Nail bitters

Good morning everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

I seriously don’t think I am ever going to get any crocheting done while the NBA finals are going on. I attempted to last night while my CAVS won in overtime. It took me at least 30min to do a row lol. Maybe I should crochet during commercials or on the days when the playoffs are not on. I don’t know but I’m going to try and finish this project soon so I can watch my CAVS play.


This is my giant Granny-ghan.

Unfortunately my Granny-ghan wont be put on Etsy. I’m making this for one of my Residents at work. I work at an assisted living community. I love my Residents and my job. I am a very giving person & was taught this at a young age. When I found out we have a few residents that their families don’t visit or really care about their family member thats here I decided to make them crocheted blankets & such to really make them feel at home. And most importantly Loved. I know I’m just one person but I’m going to make my Residents happy and spoiled lol.

Well off to finish what I can on my Granny-ghan.

Have a wonderful day & happy hooking.